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Loyalty Program

We take care of our own!

Started in January 2017, every time you place an order with us, 10% of your bill value gets accumulated as points to the phone number provided. Once you've collected enough points they can be redeemed for free food from our menu!

(For ex. If you're bill value is Rs. 1000, you automatically get 100 points and can redeem them for a Drinks or Desserts on your next order. You could also let the points accumulate and use them for a bigger order.)

loyalty program

Loyalty Points system

50 Points One Dip free
100 Points 1 Drink free
300 Points 2 side or 2 desserts free
500 Points 1 Medium Pizza or 1 Pasta free
1000 Points 2 Large Pizzas free
*Terms and conditions apply. Loyalty points value may change without prior notice. Minimum delivery order of Rs.200 is required for redeeming points.