DEstiny of dough - junos pizza

Destiny of Dough

A single crust takes more than 9 hours to be made. That's right, you could reach London by plane and our dough won't be ready! We like to think our dough has it's own destiny. Quite literally!

It starts every night, where the little flour is mixed with all natural ingredients and a little love. It's then tucked in to rest overnight for a secret number of hours, until it's hand-crafted every morning in small batches.

We take care to never freeze our dough ensuring the freshest possible taste in every bite. In a polluted, stressed out world the last thing we need is "fast food" that make us feel run down, lethargic, out of sync, and just 'blah'. Check out our variety of pizza crusts below:

Destiny of Dough

1mm Grandma's crust

At 1mm, don't think big, think thin! We have one of the thinnest crust in the business. Our grandma's original dough is completely natural. After all, she made it for her grandchildren with the idea to consume less carbs, less flour, less fat and less sugars but to still capture the full pleasure of eating a pizza.

Hand Tossed Thick Crust

This thick crust dough is a new addition to our menu by popular demand. But keeping our grandma's philosophy of quality. With Juno's you can always be assured, if there's a way to make it healthier or cleaner, we'll do it!

100% Whole Wheat base

Made with 100% wheat and all natural ingredients. The dark brown colored crust is all good and no bad. This is the kind of dough you can bring home to your parents!